Chimney Chase Covers in Chicago IL. Repair and replacement Services

What are chase covers?

A chase cover is a metal cover that fits over your chimney chase (on chimneys with wood, metal, or vinyl siding) to prevent water from entering the chimney. It’s very important that the chase cover is installed properly so that water runs off the chase cover.

Ever heard of a chimney cap? It’s exactly like it sounds: A chimney cap is a cap installed at the top of your chimney, designed to prevent rain water, other sources of moisture, birds and other animals from getting beyond the chimney crown and penetrating the flue of your chimney, which may cause a problem next time you’d like to enjoy a fire in the fireplace.

metal chimney chase cover replacement

Metal vs Aluminum Chimney Chase cover

Galvanized steel, which is always the lowest cost, will rust quickly and need to be replaced very soon after installation so it is usually best not to invest in this choice. Aluminum will not rust, currently it is the best investment to keep your chimney free of rust.

The Most Popular Choices for Metal Chimney Covers are:

  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel

We Make Getting a New Chimney Cap Convenient

Most standard size chimney caps are kept in stock on the truck and can be installed on site. All chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacture as well as a blow-off warranty. When a standard cap is not available we also offer custom order caps to fit almost any chimney!

Chimney Cricket

Wide chimneys can trap leaf matter and water behind the chimney and lead to rusting of the flashing. With a cricket installed, however, water flows down the roof, over the sides of the cricket, and off the roof around the chimney, preventing possible water intrusion behind the chimney. If your chimney is over 30 inches wide, we always recommend having a chimney cricket installed.

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Chimney Flashing Service

The metal that surrounds your chimney where it and the roof meet is your flashing. Many homeowners mistake the flashing as part of the roof, but it is actually a key part of your chimney system, helping to ensure that water doesn’t make its way into the chimney and into your home. So when you have a problem with your flashing — pieces have bent or come off in bad weather or corroded over time, caulking has loosened — call ENRIQUEZ LLC – 773-952-0517

Call ENRIQUEZ LLC today at (773) 952-0517 to get a free quote on chimney repair or restoration in Chicago and suburbs.

CHIMNEY CHASE COVER RESTORATION, repair, installation or replacement to aluminum

Chase Cover Restoration & Replacement

You Have Several Choices When Replacing A Chase Cover

If your galvanized metal chase cover is rusting or corroding, Enriquez LLC Chimney Services can replace it with a aluminum chimney chase cover.

Protect Your Prefab Chimney With a Quality Chase Cover

Have a failing chase cover? Take the pressure off yourself, and let our team take it from here. We have all the tools, materials, and expertise needed to install a chase cover that will last.

Call us at 773-952-0517 or request an appointment online today and see what it’s like to work with a family-run company that cares about your safety and comfort as much as you do!

Chimney Liners: An Important Piece of Your Chimney’s

Over time, the liner can deteriorate and will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Our experienced professionals are skilled in installing durable new liners or making repairs as needed.

Protect your home from severe damage by calling (773) 952-0517 or contacting us online to schedule a free chimney liner inspection and estimate.

What is a Chimney Liner?
Chimney liners are also known as chimney flue liners. They are an important part of your home’s venting system located inside your chimney. The liner is the vertical passageway where smoke and gases from your fireplace safely move through to exit your home.

Prefab Chimney Chase Cover Install

Chimney Chase Repairs/General Chimney Repairs

The Most Common Chase Top Problem: Rust

Galvanized steel is prone to developing rust. A chimney chase cover is a cap that seals off the top of a wood framed or brick laid chimney chase. Chimney chase covers are typically made from low grade steel, which will rust over a short period of time. The smallest gap or hole on the chase cover can lead to expensive water damage. If you’re noticing a leak or rust stains down the side of your chimney, it is time to replace the rusted cover with a stainless steel or aluminum cover. Stainless steel or aluminum cover will never rust, so this will be a one-time fix.

Prefab Chimney Chase Cover Install chicago and cook county

What Happens if a Chase Cover Becomes Rusted

In some cases, rusted-out chase tops can be repaired, but usually we’ll suggest replacing them with powerful new covers made of stainless steel or aluminum, which will not rust.

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