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Premium Sheet Metal Coping Services In Chicago Illinois

Sheet Metal Roof Coping Installation Companie In Chicago For all residential and commercial roofs, coping is essential to the protection and prevention of damage to buildings. Without coping or improperly installed coping, buildings can experience water damage that can lead to premature roof replacements. ENRIQUEZ Roofing has years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining roof copings. Whether customers need entirely new coping or just quick replacements ENRIQUEZ has the right service for every residential and commercial property.

Coping Repair

Coping Repair and Installation Service  – Chicago Illinois

The roof copings act as a barrier at the top point of entry to the exterior walls of your property, to help maintain the exterior walls integrity and prevent interior water damage, it is recommended to repair copings as soon as damage is noticed. If left unrepaired, new damage will become apparent on the interior of the home and can create significant damage to exterior walls.