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Soffit Fascia & Siding repair Service near me

Soffits and fascia are the part of a roof’s structure closest to the gutters. This means that they are the first things to be damaged by water if the home’s gutters become clogged. Once damaged – by water, weather, or any number of other reasons – soffits and fascia can allow an infestation of insects, birds nesting, and other animals such as mice and squirrels making themselves at home in your attic.

If you’ve noticed damage to your home’s siding, you need fascia and soffit repair services from ENRIQUEZ. Give us a call at (773) 952-0517 or request service online.

Siding Replacement & repair

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The Benefits of Repaired Siding?

By repairing your siding, you put back in place that crucial defense against the elements; safeguarding your home and helping to create a wonderful environment inside your property. A freshly repaired siding will deliver five crucial, and very noticeable, benefits, that will last for years to come:


Enjoy Lowered Maintenance


Enhance Your Curb Appeal


Add Value to Your Property


Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

fascia and soffit boards

When You Should Replace or Repair Soffit and Fascia

Cracks and Flaking Paint
Because cracks not only look bad but also enable leaking, you should immediately remove and repair damaged pieces of your soffit and fascia when you see cracking and flaking paint.

Evidence of Animals and Insects
Soffits and fascia are meant to keep bugs and rodents out of your roof and attic. If you notice an infestation coming from your roof, you may need to do some roof repair before calling the exterminator.

Suspected Asbestos
Asbestos is very dangerous to your health. If you suspect that asbestos was used in your soffit or fascia, you should look into replacing them.

leaking water
Water can lead to rotting, mold, and other costly damage. If it looks like water is getting through your soffit and fascia, you should consider repairing or replacing them.

Lack of Ventilation
Because one of the primary purposes of soffits and fascia is the ventilation they provide to attics, you should repair or replace these parts if you notice a lack of ventilation in the upper parts of your home.

What Siding Types Are Available?

Cement board and vinyl siding are the most common to install.

Vinyl siding is perfectly crafted to offer a wealth of style, design, and color choices. The easy to maintain material mimics the look of traditional cedar siding but offers a much more durable finish that can be easily customized to fit new and old styles of property. For a very low maintenance material, vinyl is a superb choice that is built to last.

A strong and highly durable option, cement boarding comes in multiple different finishes to mimic the look of traditional siding, such as wooden clapboards and shingles. The siding is easy to maintain and is highly resistant against the elements, fire, rot, and termites.